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10/27/2018 – 1/20/2019

Vlasta Prachatická: Portraits

In an exclusive retrospective exhibition, Museum Kampa commemorates the artistic creation of remarkable Czech sculptor, Vlasta Prachatická. This independent retrospective in Prague has been in the making for a long time – her last retrospective exhibition in the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery was organized in 2001.
Vlasta Prachatická (born 1929) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the studio of professor Otakar Španiel. Together with her husband, Stanislav Kolíbal, as well as Václav Boštík, Adriena Šimotová, Jiří John, Věra Janoušková, Vladimír Janoušek and others, she was a member of the group UB 12. In her artistic production, she dedicated herself mainly to sculpture portrait, becoming one of the most renowned personages of Czech fine art of the second half of the 20th century.
Within the encounter with the artist’s sculpture portraits of her close friends or, more generally, famous personalities of cultural and social life who were her contemporaries or lived in the recent or distant past, you can become a participant of her silent contemplative events emerging from the communicative, dialogue-oriented relationship between her – the portraitist – and the portrayed ones. The picture of this relationship can be understood as an inherent part of Prachatická’s artistic expression; it brings an extraordinarily sensitive account of the humanity sought, found, experienced and defended in silence and reflected time and self-scrutiny of those whom she met in her creation. Along with that, she brings a no less significant statement of what a direct or indirect personal encounter of such spiritual dimension can be and is for those who enter the field of open obligingness formed and maintained in such way, in where they remain and to which they are related.
Vlasta Prachatická has been a honorary member of the British Society of Portrait Sculptors since 2006.

Curator: Pavel Brunclík
Stables Gallery