Visiting FAQ


Can I touch the artwork?

No. Please help us preserve your museum’s collection and don’t touch the works of art. To avoid damaging works of art, visitors should stand at least one arm’s length away from all paintings, sculptures, installation pieces and display cases. For the safety of the art, the public and your child please do not carry children in back carriers or on your shoulders. Any display cases in our galleries are very fragile and contain artifacts that are very fragile as well. Please do not lean on, or use the cases as writing surfaces, in any of the galleries. Running in the galleries could result in damage to artifacts, walls and signage. It can also result in injuries to adults and children alike. Please do not run in the galleries

Can I take photographs with my camera or cell phone?

Unless otherwise stated, photography of exhibits is not permitted due to lender restrictions for exhibitions on view. Visitors are invited to photograph the museum’s architecture from the outside. The use of tripods and camera extension poles throughout the museum is prohibited.

Are food or beverages allowed in the gallery?

Eating and drinking is not permitted in the exhibition galleries.

What must I check in?

All backpacks, umbrellas, double-sided strollers, and packages must be placed in our lockers. Suitcases, luggage, and bags larger than 40 x 40 cm are not permitted in the museum and cannot be checked in. Lockers are located on the ground floor of the main building of the Museum (Deposit for the locker is 10,-CZK).

Can I use my cellular phone in the gallery?

Cellular phones may not be used in the exhibition galleries. We ask that you turn the ring tone off. If you receive, or need to make a call, please step outside the gallery for the duration of your phone call.

Is in-gallery drawing allowed?

Drawing is permitted in the galleries with pencil only (erasers are not permitted). You may be asked to stop if the galleries are too crowded.

Wheelchairs and Strollers

All galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible. Strollers are allowed in all galleries unless otherwise noted due to security reasons.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the museum.

All other pets are not permitted in the Museum’s buildings.


We ask that you keep an eye on your children at all times. Unattended children are not allowed in the galleries. Please keep your children with you at all times. For groups, we ask that there be 1 adult per 10 children at all times. Chaperones must stay with the children at all times.

What other visitor policies of the gallery should I know about?

No visitor is allowed to create any activity that could be described as a performance, a show or a happening, make a declaration or speech, create a media event or photo opportunity on Gallery property or give tours of the exhibitions without prior approval from Gallery authorities.

Note: Lighting in the galleries may be dimmed to protect the art.