June - 8/31/2018

Marianna Machalová-Jánošíková

Museum Kampa presents an exhibition of the exceptional artist – sculptress Marianna
Machalová-Jánošíková (*1972). The author creates her emotive ceramic clay sculptures and reliefs
using only her sense of touch for she lost her sight when she was 22 due to serious illness.

The exhibition at Museum Kampa features a selection of the author’s most
interesting artworks – it presents mainly works of an abstracting character, which in its
simplified form can reveal hidden emotions, profound sense and the deepest essence and
meaning of fine art.
Works by Marianna Machalová-Jánošíková, in their own specific and poetic language, testify to the realities and barriers that the author must overcome every day. The works speak to the viewer in a comprehensible and affable form, which reveals the author’s sensitive and fascinating inner world. Unlike from other artist’s, her sources of inspiration come not only from the visible world, but they are also based on other sensory impulses. She finds topics and ideas for her work in various stimuli of her life – sounds, structures, scents, but also in her desires, wishes and vivid imagination.
The exhibition of Marianna Machalova-Jánošíková is unique in its interactivity – a group of selected objects is haptic and visitors can experience the fragile and intimate stories of sculptures with the touch of their own fingers.