2/8/2016 - 5/22/2016

František Kupka:
Moving Blues

Museum Kampa concentrates on exhibitions and associated projects intended to reinforce the connection: Prague = František Kupka. Museum Kampa presents the persona and works of František Kupka in a permanent exhibition comprising works donated by collector and benefactor Meda Mládková to the City of Prague and in exhibitions expanding on and supplementing the permanent exhibits. Expert on the works of František Kupka, Markéta Theinhardt, working at the Sorbonne in Paris, author of numerous texts and publications concerning Kupka and the art scene of his day, centred her project on the famous painting Vanoucí modře (Moving Blues) from the permanent exhibition and the circumstances surrounding its creation. With the three existing paintings bearing the same name Bleus Mouvants / Vanoucí modře (Collection of Musée National d’Art Moderne Paris – Centre Pompidou; National Gallery in Prague and a private collection in London) the exhibition presented Kupka’s idea of infinity, constantly repeating movement, evoking the movement of waves in the sea. The emergence of abstraction in this case was inspired by Kupka’s dabblings in impressionism, his experience with the playing of light on water, which changed the visual quality of the colour blue which all of a sudden was capable of existing on the surface of the painting all alone.


Curated by: Markéta Theinhardt, Helena Musilová
Last room of the Exhibition hall on the 1st floor of the Schulz Wing dedicated to the František Kupka permanent exhibition
Visitors: 27 400