2/5/2019 - 6/2/2019

Vladimir Kopecký. Clash of Colours.

The remarkable painter and glass-artist, Vladimír Kopecký began his career as an artist in the 1950s contributing to the phenomenal success of the Czechoslovak pavilion at EXPO 58 in Brussels. In the subsequent years, he carried out lots of works including independent pieces of art, being represented in prestigious Czech and foreign public and private collections.
Vladimír Kopecký’s artistic creation involves a variety of approaches, the polarity of both a gestural painting as well as a geometric abstraction is discussed most frequently. However, Kopecký is also one of the most distinctive Czech colourists; the colour is an important link to his colourful and extensive creation and his using with the colour as with a specific matter which becomes the main shapeable component of his work. From the point of view of glass, the colour means its greater distinctiveness, translucence, and at the same time a specific delimitation of a colour field with one shade blending with another. Kopecký is mostly disrespectful of any time-proven principles of colour composition or relationships between colours that have been used in art for years. With its use, he builds up the structure or the solution in space creating the very nature of the artwork, with his colour combinations being exceptional, too.
Museum Kampa presents a collection of works from the last two years, the entire installation is conceived as whole by the artist.

Small Gallery

Curator: Helena Musilová