Preparing for Darkness, Vol. 8

About the exhibition / curator’s statement

It’s time for a divorce. A divorce from a type of contemporary art and especially painting that seems suspended in eternal post-modernity; one that, through a marked lack of artistic skill, can’t seem to reference anything but itself. This state of modern art can be experienced as a “pluriverse” of styles, citations, and allusions without a semblance of internal coherence. 

With my exhibition series “Preparing for Darkness”, I would like to pose a counter concept. The 8th edition of the series takes place at Museum Kampa and presents 13 artists – mostly painters – who stand as examples of a generation marked by an exceptional intellectual approach to artistic practices. The resulting profound examination of art history, paired with extraordinary artistic skill, can be seen as veritable and imminent, as they each, through their own unique style, offer a real, pictorially comprehensible and perceptible dialogue between past art and their own inscribed emotional world. What unites them is a resurrection of melancholy, which returns to highlight the magical in a viewing experience. In that sense, my chosen metaphor “Preparing for Darkness” is meant to describe both melancholy and the state of the world.

Uwe Goldenstein


Nicola Samorì (I), Enrico Minguzzi (I), Flavia Pitis (RO), Radu Belcin (RO), Adela Janska (CZ), Richard Stipl (CZ), Daniel Pitín (CZ), Adam Magyar (H), Attila Szűcs (H), Inna Artemova (D), Adam Bota (A), Liu Langqing (CH) & Rafael Megall (ARM / in collaboration with Demetrio Paparoni)