10/2 – 1/4 2024

Milan MAUR: Shadows, Rasters, Touch

Milan Maur has been one of our leading representatives of conceptual art since the 1980’s, exploring the relationship between order and coincidence. He started from observing landscapes, but soon arrived at compositions determined by predefined rules. Records of natural processes, in which rational understanding meets the irrational, became an important part of his work. From these emerge numerical series, followed by optical and acoustic expressions. He is interested in the system and the errors that can occur in it.

In his work, random touches meet geometric grids. He observes and records the shadows of tree branches at equal intervals of time, gesturing to express the movement of tree branches in the wind. He charts snowflakes falling on paper, fluctuations in the river level, the rhythm of insect movement, records the gradual falling of leaves on twigs. He also explores the approach of mathematicians and philosophers to coincidences.