8/9 - 13/12/2020

Olga Karlíková 1923-2004 Listening

The author Olga Karlíková (1923–2004) is chiefly known for her “bird song”, which was her unique contribution of visual recordings of the sound of nature to the world of art in the second half of the 20th century. Her approach at that time was unique: this was not about a conceptual intention, but simply humbly listening to nature, which became the basic principal of her entire versatile work.

The Retrospective in Museum Kampa divides the works of Olga Karlíková into thematic units titled Earth / Water / Space / Song, which she continuously and systematically examined from the nineteen sixties. The exhibition presents paintings and drawings both from the collections of Czech galleries and museums and above all from the author’s estate. This is the first complex exhibition of her works from the 1948 – 2004 period, including her extraordinary infomel phase, supplemented by examples of her illustrations and also her textile designs and works, a sphere she was professionally engaged in for over twenty years at the Institute of Fashion and Housing Culture. This exhibition of the works of this artist, who was one of the first signatories of Charter 77 and was forced to create her works in seclusion for most of her life, is accompanied by an extensive monograph publication, published by Sophistica Gallery in Prague.


The Olga Karlíková exhibition is organised by Sophistica Gallery, Prague, in cooperation with Museum Kampa.


curators: Terezie Zemánková and Anežka Šimková

Modern art 1st and 2nd floor