Museum Kampa in Moravský Krumlov

Museum Kampa was founded at the beginning of the millennium by collector and patron Meda Mládek. During her life in exile, Meda and her husband Jan Mládek consistently supported non-conformist artists from the Eastern Bloc. Thanks to her enthusiasm and taste, she amassed
the largest private collection of paintings and drawings by František Kupka as well as a large collection of Czech and Central European post-war art; this eventually became the basis of Museum Kampa’s collection.

Mrs. Meda Mládek followed artists focused both on figuration and abstraction with interest. Works based on geometry and minimalism appealed to her, as did works that were expressive and swirled with colour. She was never interested in stylistic pigeonholes, rather considering artistic quality to be the determining factor. It was in this spirit that Meda continued to expand her collection after her return to Prague from the United States, and this tradition continues at Museum Kampa even after Meda Mládek’s passing in the spring of 2022 at the age of almost 103.

The mk2 exhibition is a varied “tasting” of artworks from the museum’s collections. It presents a collection of paintings and sculptures by leading
figures of the Czech unofficial scene from the 1960s to the 1980s (such as Adriena Šimotová, Karel Nepraš, and Stanislav Kolíbal), as well as works by exiled artists (such as Ludmila Seefried-Matějková and Zbyněk Sekal), regional artists (such as Jindřich Boška and František Dörfel), and
works by prominent contemporaries (such as Jan Merta, Petr Veselý, and Josef Achrer). The collection of paintings and sculptures by these
famous (or, on the contrary, neglected) personalities forms a lively structure interwoven with many styles and which reveals the diversity and internal context of our art scene. It is our hope that this intimate, yet emotionally rich

mk2 exhibition will remind us of the admirable work of Mrs. Meda Mládek, and for visitors to Moravský Krumlov it will become an inspiration to visit Sovovy Mlýny in Prague, where Museum Kampa is located and holds short-term exhibitions.